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Royan R.

“The best beard products that I have ever used. The good thing about the beard wash is that it is not harsh or heavy, and it keeps my beard soft, even before applying the oil and balm.  Oh yeah, the balm is the bomb.  I am so proud."

Kasieam W.

"The shampoo doesn't latter like the traditional shampoo, but I can't lie, my beard is soft.  The oil further softens my beard, and it is not greasy.  I saw a big difference in my before and after pictures.  I will share my review of the balm when I try it."

Kayon H.

“Though the wash don't latter like I am used to, I like the fact that the wash leaves my beard soft and moisturized.  The oil ain't greasy either and the scents are not overly strong.  I have used a good bit of brands, even the most expensive and I absolutely love these products.  Get all 3!”

Derrick V.

“The balm, dude!  I love these products!  A little bit of product goes a long way!”

Shamar G.

“I really love the products and how soft they leave my beard. I am a newbie when it comes to beard products, but I can't deny how good my beard feels now that I have used more than just the regular soap and shampoo. I will take some more pix soon.”
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